It's the Summer holiday...
But not for you :(

You're feeling exhausted and frazzled and there are constant moans, arguments and whining.

The long days ahead fill you with dread.
'7 Ways To Have Fun With Your ADHD Child This Summer'
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About Soli
B.Educ (Hons) Psychology
  •  Soli is Asst SENCO and a fully qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in Inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, Communication and Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.
  •  She has a senior role in a London mainstream primary school and has attended numerous SEN courses, workshops, exhibitions and has herself run training and planning sessions. She is trained in Makaton signing. 
  •  Soli has organised and run many residential trips for children with disabilities and challenging behaviour. An environment where children, away from the confines of a classroom, can flourish and excel. 
  •  Her son has ADHD and so knows what it's like to struggle and feel isolated. She battled for years to get much needed support in school and to get the right help for your son. 
  •  She is the author of a book "Five Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs' with many 5* reviews on Amazon. 
  •  Soli has appeared on Sky TV to talk about her experiences living with a child with ADHD.
  •  She has also produced a DVD "The Secret To Behaviour Success" which gives the tools to make personalised visual resources to help avoid meltdowns and tantrums. 
  •  Her consultancy Yellow Sun delivers support and advice to parents of children with special needs and challenging behaviour. She offers 1:1 bespoke coaching as well as representing families at meetings. 
  •  Soli provides training and workshops to schools to promote understanding of special needs, inclusion and differentiation.
  •  Every month Soli runs meetings The Warrior Mums' Club - mums who to get together over a cup of tea, chat and support one another, swap ideas and successful strategies. Soli delivers a brief training on an SEN topic. 
  •  Soli writes a regular blog Warrior Mums and contributes to Huffington Post, Autism Parenting Magazine and SEN Parents Magazine.
  •  She is passionate about raising awareness of how to manage children effectively to raise their self-esteem and promote emotional well-being. It is a disgrace that new teachers do not have specific training in ADHD. So she has set up a petition to the Government demanding proper training of teachers in ADHD. 
  •  Finally, Soli wants to give back. So she donates a proportion of her income to projects that directly help struggling families.
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